1. Is their portfolio something that fits your style and image?

So many people have different styles and approaches. At Lion IT we integrate functional design with great SEO. A good website design is one that is both easily navigated and found on google.

2. Ask when their next available design date is.

A great designer is often a busy designer, be sure they’re available to suit you.

3. Ask if they outsource their work.

Sometimes outsourcing can be a good thing, typically, it doesn’t tend to. Website Design is unique to every market, viewing habits, styles, marketing methods, consumer behaviour, is often unique to a particular audience. How is someone from India going to understand the consumer habits of someone 5000 miles away?

4. Ask about maintenance and web hosting after the website design is complete.

After costs can amount to serious figures if you’re not careful. When it comes to maintenance we try to automate as much as possible with a serious focus on backing things up and securing things regularly.

5. Ask how many revisions/edits are included?

What happens if your website designer produced something you aren’t completely happy with?
Normally a website designer will offer 2 to 3 revisions. Knowing the hourly rate of the website designer is important for future edits.

6. Ask if you will receive the original files.

In the event custom graphics are made for your website, ask if you’ll receive the adobe illustrator or photoshop graphics.  At Lion IT website design we always give our clients all original source materials.