I’m sure you’ve all heard the old adage – “Your Health is Your Wealth”. If it came to it, we’d give every penny in our bank account to have our health, but we’d never swap our health for all the money in the world!

It’ll soon be the new year, when office buzz is all about diets, getting rid of that excess weight, the latest detox craze and all different styles of keeping fit. Then a week later, it’ll be back to normal, the chatter of keeping fit will be just a distant memory! What won’t be a distant memory though is the need for your website to deliver to your customers, consider the health of your website!

Can you really compare personal health and the health of a business website?

Once upon a time, the UK government and it’s health departments told us fats were bad for us, with no warning of the bigger danger of sugar.  Education and more advanced technology have proven that healthy fats are essential and that refined sugar is, in fact, your bodies worst enemy.  As a result, habits in the nation evolve and improve as we age and improve our understanding, at least for the educated & succesful amongst us.

Compared to business website, as time goes on, technology, education and user habits evolve. As an example in the latest few years we’ve seen a big surge in the usage of mobile phones, therefore the way a website works on a mobile is important, in the way of mobile responsive designs, not just because of the end user experience. Google ranks and rates you based on the user experience too.  This is one example of hundreds of the fast-paced changes of technology in 2018 and beyond.

It is estimated that 35,000+ websites are hacked and hijacked every day!

Keeping your website secure is an absolute must. At lion IT, we pride ourselves on securing our websites with the latest technology and techniques.  Our review will uncover any potential problems.

Get your website in the fast lane!

It takes 8 seconds to capture a potential client. 40% of web users will abandon a purchase if the checkout process takes longer than 3 seconds to load.  If our review uncovers issues, we’ll also provide free suggestions that can fix a websites load time to greatly improve page load speeds.

We’re offering for FREE, a business website review that will show how to progress, typos and general advice from our technical team.

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