1. Directories

According to first post update research, directories such as Yelp and other local directory websites have been given a considerable ranking boost by Google.

For some queries, in fact, entire search engine results page (SERP) is built from these directory results.

Thus, even if your website cannot be found in the search results, it’s important to get your website on all the relevant directories related to your business online so it can be found.

2. Local Listings

If over the past few days you’ve lost website traffic drop, this may well be down to the disappearance of your local listings on the first page of Google. If this is the case you should consider a PPC campaign, and in the long run, focus on web search listings for keywords best suited to your business combined with local search terms and place names.

3. Website Authority

Google is going back to the more traditional ways of ranking a website, such as domain authority. Simply put. Backlinks, how well your metadata is structured, the age of your website and how you use header tags.

If in the event your website traffic has dropped in the last few days, this may be because you are losing out to competition. Lion IT can run a competition analysis for you and help your business back up the rankings.