We’ve experienced serious changes to the Facebook algorithm recently that has meant content from a friends list is prioritised over updates from business pages. Welcomed changes include severely demoting click baiters, both businesses, and individuals. Examples of such include asking people to vote, react or share like in the images below.

Facebook baiting

The small screen

An incredible 95% of Facebook users in January 2018 were mobile users, while only 32% accessed via their laptop or desktop computers. The issue with mobile phones is that screen space is small for so much vying for space combined with increasing numbers adapting to switching off from most modern advertisements.  It is becoming an increasingly difficult platform to gain real engagement with a real focus on a return on investment. What worked a few months ago, no longer works as effectively today.


The massive increase in businesses using Facebook advertising has meant the likelihood of your advertisement standing out vastly decreases. With the vast numbers of pages, friends, and groups we like and follow, seeing organic results from the social network has decreased massively. Buzzfeed, a news content platform, is one example of such a business that has suffered at the hands of the new update having recently cut a third of its staff. One of their responses was to buy facebook marketing to push users onto their own mobile phone app.


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