Search Engine Optimisation Services

While it is incredibly important to have a professional website with engaging content, but if no one can find your website then it is effectively wasted. That is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes into play.

Your website is an online showroom in a digital world. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) brings in the footfall from targeted traffic from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. If you are not doing it correctly, you are missing out on vital leads, conversions and new exposure.

We all know SEO

We have been in the search engine optimisation industry for more than ten decades, working with countless customers on profitable campaigns. This usually means your business will profit from the wisdom and experience of an search engine optimisation agency using a sustainable strategy, and a history of success in multiple industries and fields.

Tailored for your Business and Product

We begin each project with a clean canvas, functioning to satisfy your businesses specific objectives.

We are going to begin by carefully assessing your website and your present backlink profile, identifying possible problems and areas for improvement. We will then analyse your niche sector to engineer a search engine optimisation plan that’s wholly unique to your business needs, goals and sets you far apart of your competitors.

We will take the opportunity to find strong keywords which are related to your services, products and unique markets, weaving them into your articles to drive significant, highly-targeted visitors at each phase of the purchasing cycle. Covering all bases.

Each of our Search Engine Optimisation jobs that Lion IT tackle utilises a combination of strategies to get the maximum advantages for your website:

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Technical SEO

Our projects start with a thorough technical search engine optimisation audit to get beneath the hood of your website and ensure that your content could be found and recognized by the various search engines.

Our specialized review examines key Search Engine Optimisation components on Your Website such as:

  • Site design and internal linking
  • Replicate content
  • Canonical troubles
  • Page load times
  • sitemaps
  • Search engine crawler accessibility

If your website was affected by a punishment or a negative search engine optimisation assault, we can even allow you to identify and repair those problems. On-Site SEO Principles such as page titles, headings and keyword study are still significant naturally, and we have got these covered. In addition, we know what is necessary for articles and content to be successful. By accessing content directly for your viewers and searching purpose, to understanding how your website may establish the experience, trust and authority that search engines look for, we can assist.

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