Skunk Fresh Case Study

The Project

Skunk Fresh was designed back in 2015. David Lyon, Skunk Fresh’s creator, volunteered at a local childrens boxing class. At the end of the session it was clear that even after intensive scrubbing of their little fingers and hands, the smell lingered. A powerful solution was needed and Skunk Fresh was born.

This project needed several key elements:-

  1. eCommerce Website Design
    1. Promote Skunk Fresh on Amazon
    2. Sell in bulk to wholesalers
  2. Fulfilment services to Amazon
  3. Digital Marketing of both the Amazon and Skunk Fresh web pages.

Skunk Fresh not only solves the problem of bacteria and moisture in boxing gloves, but shoes, boots, wellies, football boots and gym bags too.

Product key features:

  • Neutralises bad odours and smells from running shoes
  • Kill germs, eliminates bacteria and helps prevent infections
  • Absorbs Moisture and damp from Football Boots and football bags
  • Help stop mold growth in gym bags and wellies
  • Perfect for boxing gloves that are difficult to clean and wash
  • The perfect shoe deodoriser and boots deodoriser.

Complete website design

Mobile responsive website. Regular content updates. Digital Marketing.

Amazon Fulfilment Services

Lion IT re-stocks Amazon on a regular basis with Skunk Fresh shoe deodorisers with additional product lines coming soon…

Digital Marketing Success

#1 and #2 for football boots deodoriser

Ranked on google #1 and #2 for “football boots deodoriser”.  Both the amazon listing and website listing tops it.

Page #1 for several keywords

Skunk fresh is now on the highly competitive google first page for several key terms selling the key product.