Managed WordPress Hosting

Our expert managed WordPress hosting solutions and website optimisation services produces the very best results in the Worcestershire and Birmingham area.  Hosted on extremely powerful, scale to demand servers in London. Based on Pingdom and GTMetrix our websites are certified the fastest in the UK. Fact.

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You’ve only got 8 seconds to grab  and hold a visitor’s attention on your website.

We live in an age where seconds can cost you a lost visitor or a customer abandoning a shopping cart.

Our team of professionals will look into a list of potential ways we can speed up your current website build. We typically use GTMetrix and Pingdom as a benchmark for a websites speed.

We’re that confident if we cannot significantly improve the speed of your current website we offer a full refund and the coffee is on us.

Speed Comparison

We’ve compared our services to the largest and most popular web hosting companies available in the UK today, by simply comparing our business website homepage loading speeds using Pingdom. Try for yourself!

While companies promote “cloud based services” as a typical offering. We utilise the very fastest UK website hosting solutions on the market today with the very best backend engineers onhand.

A few of our optimisation methods are listed below. Contact us for more details on how we can help you with our website speed improvement and optimisation services.

Wordpress Hosting

All of our managed WordPress hosting solutions are fine-tuned, incredibly fast and are ready for your business.

Server Optimisation

Tweaks and improvements to your web hosting setup such as implementing the latest caching technologies can significantly reduce page load times.

Content Delivery Networks

Our chosen content delivery networks for performance include Cloudflare and Stackpath. Serving content close to home wherever you are in the world.

Source Code Optimisation

From compressing the delivered page source code to optimising the way things are written to implementing caching systems.

Are you ready for <1 second page load times?